Sarah & Kevin | Sweetheart Session in Zurich, Switzerland

I love the internet! While we were a couple months out from our Switzerland trip, I decided that I NEEDED to have a couple’s session!! I reached out to a group of creatives and asked if anyone knew anyone who lived in Switzerland. Someone commented that a friend of her’s and her husband moved to Switzerland a couple years ago and that they might be interested. Sarah and I connected and the rest is history!

Sarah, Kevin, Jeremy and myself spent the afternoon walking around Zurich. Sarah and I talked about the history of Zurich and interesting facts while the guys talked about who knows what… business? sports? Anyway, whenever we saw a good location, we would stop for a couple minutes and grab some photos. Sarah knew of this awesome spot in the neighborhood where graffiti artists often come and create art. Normally when I think of graffiti, I think of vulgar words that look like a group of 5th graders hastily painted. This was nothing like this! While some of the art was a little eclectic, it was all beautifully done!

A couple in rainy zurich with umbrellaGraffiti in Zurich, Switzerland

Thank you both so much for the wonderful afternoon!! I am so glad that we were able to coordinate this afternoon together!


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