Meet Janelle

Hi there!

I’m Janelle, the heart and soul behind this wedding photography company. I started photography not really knowing what my niche was — My first camera was bought so I could document the semester I spent abroad.  After that, friends started asking me to take senior photos, and even engagement photos before I really knew what I was doing. Yikes! I grew and learned more and more every day and am continually learning! I loved doing families, seniors, babies, maternity, and sweetheart sessions. After I photographed my first wedding though, I knew there was no turning back!

I am a huge advocate of love and marriage.  They are some of life’s biggest blessings — I don’t know where I would be without my amazing husband, Jeremy. But as much as I love photographing weddings, there is so much more to a marriage than the wedding day. Of course the wedding is the celebration of marriage, but I’ve always thought it was interesting that we celebrate marriage before it even happens! It’s like running a marathon. You don’t get your rankings and awards before even starting the race. Sometimes I think that we forget the marathon that marriage and only prepare for the ceremony beforehand. All that to say, as much as I love a beautiful wedding, I love a beautiful marriage even more!!

Just a little bit more about me — I’m originally from the wonderful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.  After graduating college with a degree in music, I married my best friend and moved to Florida.  Jeremy already lived there, so I joined him in the Sunshine State for just around a year and a half before we uprooted and moved to the Piedmont Triad in North Carolina. Together we have three fur babies; Amber, our needy calico, and Prim and Chewie, our crazy but lovable orange tabby twin kittens. We also recently announced that we’re expecting a baby to join our crazy household sometime around February 2017!

Here are a few things I love most! Iced Chai, all things Jane Austen, Jesus, ice cream, opera, strategy board games, reading, Star Wars, decorating our house, peanut butter, binge watching shows on Netflix, and cream soda. There are so many things that I love and I am a firm believer that you will always be able to find at least 5 commonalities with any random stranger.

I hope you’ve taken a few moments to read about why in the world I would name a business Dear Darcy Photography! If you haven’t yet, be sure to read about the story here!